Privacy Policy of Coolbit Software Solutions

Coolbit Software Solutions highly respects your privacy and takes the necessary actions to protect your personal information shared with us when you are with us on our website. The privacy policy hereby describe our privacy policy.

What information we take when you surf our website?

You can visit our website at any time without divulging your personal information for the purpose of collecting public information about our company. We may store your IP address to track our web site access records for statistical purposes only.

What information security is there when making a payment online through our website?

When doing online purchases, we Coolbit Software Solutions does not store any kind of Credit card information of the customers and information will be gone only through third party vendor trusted by both Coolbit Software Solutions and You. Currently we are using well known vendor 2Checkout as our online payment vendor.

What personal information we required from you for contact purposes and what we will do with them?

For contacting purposes we may ask you to fill a form providing your name, telephone number, email and brief description about your company and also brief description about your requirement. In case you fill up the form and send us, we do not share those information with any third party and we will only use them as communication purposes between Coolbit Software Solutions and your company/organization.

By using this web site, you consent to the terms of our Privacy Policy and how we use personal Information for the purposes explained above as well as those explained where Coolbit Software Solutions collects personal information on the web.

This privacy statement was last reviewed on 15th October 2012.

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