Refund Policy of Coolbit Software Solutions

Coolbit software solutions allow refunds when terminating an agreement with the consent of both parties, the client and the Coolbit Software Solutions. We, Coolbit Software Solutions will communicate with the client friendly when there is a need of a refund due to some reason. In such occasions, we will refund the amount which is not consumed as for the development of the website/application software with the given instructions from the client

When using Direct Payments

When used either direct payments or a third party vendor for the direct payments from the clients, Coolbit Software solutions will refund through either using a direct payment using credit card or using a third party vendor like Paypal or 2Checkout.

When using Escrow Payments

When using an Escrow service for the payments, Coolbit Software Solutions will refund the amount which is not consumed for the development so far through the third party Escrow service vendor.

This refund policy statement was last reviewed on 15th October 2012.

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