Web Applications

What is an Application Software?

An application (an IT application specifically) is a piece of software which provides one or more useful functionalities to your organization. The software may be working fully automated, or semi-automated according to the nature of the work done by the software.

Why your company needs an Application Software?

Some of the main purposes of a software application will be Increase the efficiency, Increase the accuracy and also increasing the usability of everyday work in your company. The space for an application in your company is limitless, but few of them are listed below. From all of them, one or more purposes of an application described above are covered.

What is a Web Application?

A web application is a Software Application which runs on a web platform. A web application can either be deployed in your organization premises or in the world wide web. When deployed in your organization, there should be a dedicated server setup and Coolbit Software Solutions can assist you to make the setup. In case of deploying the web application on a World Wide Web server, there is no necessity for a dedicated server but a monthly or yearly payment will be needed to maintain the world wide web hosting account where Coolbit Software Solutions will be able to provide the WWW service or assist you to acquire a hosting account from third party.

By having your software application as a web application, your organization can have the advantage of having a single software base accessible by many end points. For an example, let's say your organization is selling some printing instruments. If you have many outlets, if one outlet is not having an instrument one of your clients asks. In that case, with a single software base, you can check the inventories of other outlets and either tell the customer where the instrument is available or your can transfer the inventory item to the outlet where it is needed, hence makes the sale.

The above example is one single advantage, but there are many advantages of having your software application as a web application

What advantages are there by using World Wide Web or Internet to deploy your application

If your organization has many branches or outlets, by having The world wide web (WWW), your application is accessible from anywhere in the world where www is available. By having your web application in the world wide web, you can have 24x7 world wide accessibility to your application. This can improve the performance of your employees in many ways. Your employees or even you can get access to the system from your home, while you are on a business tour to some other country. You can monitor your organization's performance even you are not available within the organization premises. The advantages of having your application on the Internet is endless and we, Coolbit Software Solutions can assist you to understand the true potential of your application when you develop your application with us.

Coolbit Software Solutions very well aware of the web security and will take all necessary measure to protect your web application from un-authorized access. We will analyze and apply necessary precautions in order to give you a comfortable and leisure experience with your web application.

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