Web Developer in Sri Lanka

We offer all kinds of website designing and development services for your needs. The website development process starts with initial requirement elicitation to identify the customer's requirement. This phase consists of elaborate communication with the customer.

After the initial user requirement elicitation is done, our UI/UX engineers design wireframes starting with UI (User interface) design/ UX (User experience) design to give the customer an idea of what interfaces will be available after the development is done. Then any adjustments will be done with the user's feedback.

Next step of the process consists of the development phase. The software engineers will develop the website with industry best practices for better usability, scalability, maintainability as well as the adaptability of the system. HTML mockups will be given the priority for the customer to get an early experience of the website.

After the development is finished, the product goes through a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process to ensure all customer requirements are met with the development. Industry standard tools such as Bugzilla used for bug tracking.

Once the quality assurance phase is done, the system will be presented to the customer. If there are any new requirements, they will also be catered followed by a quality assurance phase